Hour-by-Hour Wedding Day Schedule



As you go through the months of planning for your wedding, chances are you don't have time to contemplate how the actual "day" will go until it's almost upon you! Kisses to the rescue! Putting her 17+ years of experience to work, our own Kathi Wood has put together the perfect hour-by-hour wedding day schedule to help you plan ahead for a worry-free day - and that is, after all, what every bride deserves! Below is an example of a bride's day with a 6:00 pm wedding service but if your ceremony is at a different time, you can simply adjust the times to fit your day.

9:00 am - Wake up and eat some sort of breakfast. This is not the day to skip this important meal, trust us!


10:00 am - Complete your packing for the various activities throughout the day and night ahead of you. Pack wedding attire for that day to take to wherever you are dressing for the service. Pack your makeup and medications separately. These will go with YOU everywhere. Pack for your wedding night and your honeymoon trip. You'll also need to pack the all-important bridal Emergency Kit (refer to our archives for this helpful post!).

Noon  - Eat lunch. This too is a must. Something easy on the tummy and that you eat on a regular basis. Chances are you won't eat much at your reception (and won't even notice!) but take this time to get a little fuel in there for your big day.


1:00 pm -  Make up session for YOU.


2:00 pm - Hair appointment for YOU. Why the all-caps "you?" We understand getting ready with your wedding party is a lot of fun and part of the overall day, but just be sure that you schedule your appointments first! You are, after all, the center of attention.



3:30 pm - arrive at the site where you will dress for the wedding. (Flowers for the entire wedding party to wear or carry will need to await you there)



3:45 pm - Have all wedding party and family members arrive at the wedding site, dressed and ready for pre-ceremony photos.

4:00 pm - Pre-wedding photos with or without the groom. (If you have two photographers one will be with each separately)

5:25 pm - All wedding party members are to remove themselves from the public areas (HIDE OUT) while guests arrive and are seated by the ushers.


5:55 pm - Have the wedding party line up in the order they will be in as they process in to the ceremony, typically:
Groom and best man enters
Matron of Honor
Maid of Honor
Ring bearer

Flower girls

(and yes, sometimes even dogs!)

The Bride enters with her father/escort.


6:00 pm - your ceremony has begun!


All recess in reverse order.


Group pictures after the service. Pictures of the new couple all alone as well.

Arrive at the reception as soon as possible out of courtesy for your guests. The goal is to arrive within 45 minutes of the end of the service.

7:15 pm Announce the wedding party
Announce the bride and the groom
Have the father-bride dance
(Bless the meal if there is seated dinner)
Dine, drink and/or mingle


After an appropriate time for guests to eat, then have toasts and cut the cake.


Open the dance floor to all and PARTY and DANCE!

About 30 minutes before departure of the bride and groom, have the bouquet toss and garter toss.


Announce the last dance when you are ready to leave.



Exit to flowers, sparklers, confetti, or your fun choice for a grand exit.


Hop in your exit transportation of choice and then let happily ever after begin....


The day will definitely fly by but with a little planning and a schedule for all to stick to, you will have one of the very best days of your life!


Kisses for now!

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